Engaging audience through stylistic moving picture.

By increasing accessibility and social scope, modern media has forced fashion into a new era of marketing and content creation that extends past the one-dimensional editorials and advertisements of the past. The most obvious result of this progress has been the rise of new media, such as fashion films.

In the digital era, marketing and film work together to create a fashion audiovisual product that goes beyond the mere advertisement of television or the traditional lookbook: fashion films.

With the rise of audiovisual versus written paper and the prominence of social networks, the marketing of fashion brands has been forced to make a radical change that adapts to new digital updates.

When the big fashion companies like Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Prada realized that to reach their audience they had to adapt the advertising content to the digital character of their target, that’s how the fashion films were born.

True star of fashion film

It is an audiovisual production, as a short film, in which fashion firms show the image, identity and brand news. A form of visual and artistic communication that allows to show much more than what can be perceived through a traditional advertisement or a lookbook.

Unlike what is sought with a fashion catalog, fashion films are marketing tools in which the beauty and aesthetics of the message are those that acquire a real prominence, much greater than that of the products of the brand.

“A good fashion film must have a careful aesthetic (heir to fashion photography), a narrative rhythm and a turning point, something that makes it memorable, but above all things, it is important that it has a good concept behind it”. This is explained by the director of Madrid Fashion Film Festival, José Murciano.

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